Our Origins - A 50-year history

The following news was learned from the stories of our grandparents Augusto and Meri and our mother Miriam. A brief recollection of places and times a little different from those of today but which are nonetheless part of our lives and were the foundations on which our great-grandparents first and our grandparents later, built the future of our family . In addition, this writing has a special meaning because it is intended above all to be a dedication to our grandmother who died at the end of the year 2007, who with her industrious, careful and patient work , together with that of my grandfather, made it possible for this activity of ours, albeit with many difficulties, to become what it is today.

The beach of Morcone, year 1955

Fifty years ago Morcone was not the tourist village it is today. The landscape was almost devoid of buildings; rural buildings, so-called warehouses, predominated. Like many Capoliverians, our paternal great-grandparents Vago Paris and Perna Maria, although they owned some land, had to leave their village to seek their fortune in Australia and only after several years, in the early 1900s, together with our grandfather Augusto who was then only four years old, did they return to Capoliveri.

My grandmother Meri, on the other hand, was born and lived in Capoliveri, daughter of Giacomo Cecolini and Anita Baldetti was the second of three daughters . The eldest , Miriam died at the age of thirteen and this grief deeply marked the lives of my maternal great-grandparents. During the summer they lived in Morcone in one of those warehouses I mentioned earlier; a huge room inside which , they cooked, ate, worked and slept. Paris was a farmer, a fisherman and also a rancher; at that time, vine and orchard cultivation prevailed and even our land, including the one in which the Residence now exists, was cultivated with vines; an immense vineyard that left no room even for a path to get to the sea. One had to climb over the little stone walls that were very numerous at that time. In addition Paris raised baby goats and his means of transportation was Moretto, his donkey.

From these accounts, it seems that life, though tiring, flowed more slowly and more peacefully than it does today. In the early 1950s, Augustus and Meri were married. In 56 our mother was born. It had to pass, however, a few more years before we saw the first accommodations for tourists. The first hotel ever to be built in Morcone was " La Scogliera." It was followed by " The Dragon." Soon after, some Germans began to invest in our territory, which, therefore, began to change its appearance. Only in 1966, my grandfather Augusto, who until then had been a blacksmith, thanks to the sale of a piece of land, managed to build with his own hands and the help of a few workers the first wing of the current Residence. Later the second one was also built. This, became his and my grandmother Meri's work. Many years have passed since then, our mother married Franco and Nadia and I were born.

In the meantime our Residence has changed its appearance, my grandparents have made enormous sacrifices to renovate it and make it competitive, they have worked hard to be able to provide a future for their family. We hope never to disappoint them and to carry on this business with honesty as they taught us, always trying not to forget our past. People who would like to spend a stay at our Residence will be welcomed as always with cordiality and in the spirit of mutual respect.